Before summer arrives, it seems to take forever to get here. But as soon as the kids get out of school, activities begin, and the hot days fly by at lightning speed. As August arrives, the summer will be winding down, and the kids will soon start school again. Even though it is one of the hottest months, it’s a perfect time to find some water and dredge up a largemouth bass, bluegill or channel catfish with the youngsters before they start the new school year. 

This month, every waterway will be rocking with tons of feeding activity. By now, all of the freshwater spawning seasons are over, and there are literally billions of small fry and juvenile fish all over the place. Everything from bluegill and crappie to largemouth bass and catfish will be feasting on these small morsels of deliciousness, and that makes it a perfect time to toss in a minnow or smaller artificial lure into the pond or lake of choice. 

While there are many fantastic lakes in the Carolinas with willing participants, any agriculture pond or neighborhood drainage basin will be sprouting with life; that makes for perfect places to take a kid fishing. The memories made on the water with children are priceless and should never be avoided. While there are still a few weeks left before school starts, take a kid fishing and enjoy the rewards.