A shark’s sense of smell is definitely something anglers can capitalize on when fishing. While cut pieces of baitfish or stingray give off their own odors for sharks to find and follow great distances, anglers can enhance the odors with sprays and gels just like bass and catfish anglers have for years.

Chumming is also an effective way to spread scent throughout the area you’re fishing in, but this is messy, requires a lot of bait and doesn’t always spread evenly through the water column. Two products on the market are finding their way into shark anglers’ arsenals.

One product, BaitCloud, is a fish attractant that works much like shrimp bait, except BaitCloud don’t require the angler to do any mixing. Each BaitCloud comes already formed into a small ball. Anglers drop the balls into the area they are fishing, and the balls dissolve, giving off the kind of scent that stimulates feeding and attracts sharks.

BaitCloud’s products are made of all-natural ingredients, and while their current products are made for freshwater applications, anglers like Jason Hazard of Edisto use them in smaller creeks when shark fishing.

“I like the Predatory Species BaitClouds, but I’ve used the corn ones too. As long as you use them when the current isn’t really ripping, they will last long enough to get the sharks coming in to check things out. I always notice a difference when I use them, and they have saved some really slow days of fishing,” Hazard said.

Hazard is also fond of another product called The Fish Bomb, a spray-on scent that is a little different from other scents on the market.

“You spray this on to your bait, but the cans also have an adjustable nozzle that you can set, then attach the can to a line with the desired amount of weight. You can then lower the can to whatever depth you want, and the scent will disperse at whatever rate you set the nozzle. This allows you to get a good concentration of scent in the precise water depths you want,” he said.