M ay is a great time to catch speckled trout in Charleston’s Wando River, and anglers can boat their share as long as they keep a few details in mind, according to guide Garrett Lacy of Charleston Fishing Adventures.

“There are three main things to remember when fishing for speckled trout this time of year,” Lacy said. “The first is that trout like to hang out in the cleanest water they can find. No matter how good a spot has been for you in the past, if you pull up to it and find that the water is muddy, you’re better off passing by and searching for clean water.” 

And while they look for the cleanest water they can find, Lacy said that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll only be in pristine water.

“They are going to find the cleanest water around, but on some days, the cleanest water might still be stained, so don’t give up on trout if you simply can’t find gin-clear water. Just make sure you’re fishing the cleanest water you can find,” he said.

No. 2 on Lacy’s list is to fish in moving water, and not just water moved by the tide.

“When I find a small feeder creek that’s emptying water into the main river, I’m going to try that spot for trout. They love to hang out where one current runs into another,” he said.

One of Lacy’s favorite tactics for fishing areas like this is to use live bait under a popping cork. He casts across the current of the smaller creek, then pops the cork and bait back into the current. Next, he stops popping it and lets the current take over. He will often open the bail of his spinning reel to let the current carry the cork until it empties into the bigger flow. Then, he’ll close the bail and begin popping it back to the boat.

For his third tip, Lacy (843-478-8216) said anglers should try topwater lures, especially early in the morning.

“Nothing gets your heart racing like seeing and hearing a trout blow up on a topwater lure first thing in the morning,” he said.

Banks with deep indentions, like ones found in the river upstream from Charleston Harbor, and even above the SC 41 bridge, are prime spots for topwater lures like Zara Spooks, She Dogs and the Glass Minnow Walking Bait.

Lacy said any time the tide is moving up or down as the sun is rising, fishermen should definitely start their days throwing topwater lures in these areas on the Wando.