Brett Smouse of Taylors and his son Brady set out on March 12, youth turkey day, to get Brady on his first turkey. It didn’t work out, so they tried again the next day. Their persistence paid off, as 8-year-old Brady killed his first – and second – turkey. With one shot. 

“That Saturday, we logged almost 8-miles walking in Union County, and didn’t even hear a gobble. We really gave it every chance, and it was discouraging, but Sunday was also a youth day, so we talked to some friends who are good at calling, and lined up another hunt on a friend’s land in Cowpens,” said Smouse.

When Smouse awoke Sunday, it didn't look like the weather was going to cooperate. It was raining hard.

“We went to the Waffle House, and it was still raining hard. I knew if we just had an hour or so, it might work out for us,” he said.

One of Smouse’s friends, Chris Bryant, came along to do the calling. Another, land owner Nick Bain, also tagged along.

With a single hen decoy set up, the crew heard gobbling at first light, and knew they were in for a treat.

Bryant called a little, and when he did a fly down cackle, they knew they were in business.

“I told Brady to get ready. I thought just one turkey was coming at first. When I knew it was close, I clicked the safety off for him, and I told him to shoot once the turkey was lined up. Then, two of them popped their heads up over the ridge. They were lined up perfectly, he pulled the trigger, and he got them both with one shot,” said Smouse.

One of the turkeys weighed 19-pounds and sported an 11-inch beard. The other went 17-pounds and had a 10-inch beard.

Smouse said it was a great way to spend a weekend in the woods with his son and friends, and that seeing his son kill the turkeys was icing on the cake.

“Everything worked out perfectly. It was truly a blessing to be out there in nature with my son and friends, and the killing is a great blessing,” he said.