With one of the most dramatic come-from-behind victories in Bassmaster Classic history, Edwin Evers of Talala, Oklahoma crushed Jason Christie by more than 10-pounds, and took home the $300,000 grand prize from the Superbowl of fishing, which was held in Evers' home state at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees. Evers caught the biggest bag of the tournament, weighing in five fish for 29-3, including the big fish of the day, a 6-13 brute. His impressive win and total weight of 60-7 did not happen without some grit.

After catching only four fish on day one, Evers clawed his way into the top five on day two, then pummeled the rest of the field on day three. No angler other than Evers caught a 20-pound sack on day three, and Christie, who weighed in 20-14 on day one, is the only other angler to bag over 20-pounds on any day during this year’s Classic. 

Evers caught his big bag today on the lower end of the lake on a Little Andy’s homemade jig, and he said conditions were finally right today for the lake to give up what he knew it was capable of.

“Today, I caught all my fish on a Little Andy’s homemade finesse jig down on the lower end of the lake. I’m just so familiar with that part of the lake and all that rain and mud kept it from showing out until today. That’s what is capable in this lake. 29-pounds. I just don’t know what else to say about that,” said Evers.

Two of South Carolina’s anglers, Casey Ashley and Marty Robinson, were in the top 10 after day one, but the last two days weren’t kind to them. Ashley finished in 16th place with a total weight of 33-4, and Robinson took 23rd with 28-7.

Ashley managed only three keepers on day three, and Robinson caught four, failing to bring a limit to the scales on all three days, and the size just wasn’t there for either angler.

Christie, who seemed to have a sizable lead going into today, finished second with a total weight of 50-2, and though he only brought four fish in today, he would've been hard pressed to beat Evers even if he’d had a fifth. It would have taken a fish better than 10-5 to overcome Evers’ amazing day.

Aaron Martens took third with a three day total of 46-5, Bill Lowen took fourth with 45-11, and Randy Howell finished fifth with 45-10.