Kolby Grindstaff of Myrtle Beach said the 2015 deer season was one for the books for him.

“I killed three nice bucks; I ‘ve never had a season like this before, and I’m sure I never will again, but it was worth it,” said Grindstaff, a 23-year-old concrete finisher.

And that was before he was drawn as the grand-prize winner in South Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest. Grindstaff’s entry of two big bucks he killed on Sept. 26 in Charleston County was drawn from all entries in the contest.

Grindstaff’s grand prize is a one-day hunt for two people at Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge in Chesterfield County.

The afternoon of Sept. 26, Grindstaff was sitting in a deer stand with his fiance, Katherine Brown, watching a shooting lane and a logging road.

“I was looking down a row of pines, and a 6-point buck came out into the shooting lane to a corn pile,” Grindstaff said. “I wanted to shoot him, because he was a really good 6, but my fiance said she saw another buck coming out. In a couple of minutes, an 8-pointer came out to the corn pile. As soon as he stepped in the corn pile, I shot him and he fell right there. 

“I called my dad, and he said to just sit right there, because I had two big bucks in trail-camera photos that I’d never seen in daylight before. Then my fiance said there was another one stepping out into the logging road. It was a 9-pointer, one of the bucks I had on camera.”

Grindstaff pulled the trigger, but nothing happened; he’d never put a bullet in the chamber after shooting the 8-pointer.

A few minutes later, Grindstaff saw the buck run back across the logging road, chasing a doe. When the buck reappeared and stepped into the corn pile, Grandstaff anchored him with a shot from his .30-06.