It’s no secret that coyotes continue to have a negative impact on the deer population in South Carolina, and even though the coyote hunting regulations are about as liberal as they can be, it’s just not feasible to make a dent in the numbers of coyotes throughout the state. That’s where trapping comes in.

Trapping for coyotes has its own set of regulations, but in certain cases, it’s not those regulations aren’t any tougher than the hunting rules. For instance, if you’re a landowner, you are allowed to trap within a certain radius of your home without a trapping license.

What kind of equipment do you need to trap coyotes, and how do you lure them into the traps? Those questions and more will be answered at the Clemson Extension Coyote Control Workshop on Feb. 18. The event will be held at the Santee Convention Center, and is being conducted in conjunction with the SCDNR. Jay Butfilowski, who serves as SCDNR’s Furbearer and Alligator Program Coordinator will be the featured speaker.

Butfilowski will talk about coyote biology, trapping techniques and safety considerations, trapping regulations, and give a coyote trapping demonstration.

The Santee Convention Center is located at 1737 Bass Drive in Santee. The registration fee is $15, and the workshop runs from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m. 

Click here to register for the workshop.