While so many people continue to ask the question of how to build a better mousetrap, Rockport Rattlers from Chicky Tackle Company has made a better crappie jig with the OutlawMAX Rattling Jig. Available in several sizes and colors, this jig has a number of unique features.

Named for Whitey Outlaw, the professional crappie angler who came up with the idea for the jigs, these lures have rattling chambers and three Aberdeen-style hooks. But these aren’t typical treble hooks – not by any stretch of the imagination. These light-wire hooks can be twisted and turned in any way imaginable, and do a good job of hooking, and holding on to crappie.

One of the big advantages according to Outlaw, is that they can keep a crappie’s mouth shut, which leads to more fish in the boat.

“Crappie have that paper-thin mouth, and a lot of times when a crappie is hooked and you’re fighting it, the fish will open its mouth which lets a lot of water in. That water helps to push that hook free. Many times when crappie bite these hooks, it seals their mouth shut because the upper and lower lips are hooked. This prevents that water from pushing the hook free.

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