Rob Taylor admitted that he was out to kill a doe one afternoon about two months ago when he climbed into a stand near Winnsboro in York County.

“Yeah, I needed some jerky,” said Taylor who said does had been crossing his shooting lane in groups of two or three all season.

So when a doe stepped out at 5:07 p.m., he ranged it at 197 yards on his rangefinder, then shouldered his Remington Model 700 rifle, chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, expecting another doe to step out. 

Instead, it was a 133-inch 10-point buck. It didn’t take Taylor long to drop the hammer on the buck, anchoring him with a neck shot. He entered the buck in South Carolina Sportsman’s Bag-A-Buck contest on Dec. 10 and was drawn on Jan. 1 as the winner of the December contest.

Taylor will receive a free year’s subscription to the magazine and a $25 gift certificate to the magazine’s online Sportsman Outdoor Store. 

Along with everyone else who entered the four-month Bag-A-Buck contest, Taylor remains eligible for the grand prize: a two-person, one-day hunt at Cherokee Run Hunting Lodge in Chesterfield County. The draw will be before the Palmetto Sportsmen Classic in Columbia in March.  

“It caught me off-guard when the doe stepped out, and Big Daddy stepped out two or three minutes later and turned broadside,” said Taylor, a 24-year-old assistant high-school basketball coach from Columbia. “I remember thinking, ‘Aim small, miss small,’ and I shot him in the neck. He fell right there.”

Taylor said he’d been watching the bucks for two to three years. “I can’t say 100 percent this was him but I was watching two bucks that were missing brow tines,” he said. 

This buck’s right brow tine wasn’t missing, but it was bent backwards being injuring while in velvet.