Sheila Black was almost ready to get out of the deer stand on Thanksgiving evening, but since she knew her husband wasn’t ready yet, she decided to sit tight until the hunt was over. About an hour later, she killed a trophy buck that is bigger than any she or her husband had previously killed. The buck was green-scored at 141 1/8-inches.

The Barnwell couple have been hunting together for the past few years, and sometimes they sit together. On Thanksgiving, however, the two were sitting in separate stands, and just before dark, Black heard what she thought was a squirrel to her right. She carefully looked around, but didn’t see anything.

“I waited and waited like always. It was almost dark and I was ready to go home. My husband wasn’t, so I anxiously stared at the corn pile 126-yards away,” she said.

Her tactic worked, as a big buck suddenly appeared.

“Suddenly, a big buck wandered out of the woods just about 50-yards in front of me. I was in total shock,” said Black, who reached for her Remington .30-06, a hand-me-down from her dad. 

Unfortunately for Black, by the time she found the buck through her scope, it had sauntered into the woods. But she didn’t give up.

“I scolded myself for not being ready. I wanted to tell my husband that I had seen a monster, so I picked up my phone to send a text. I was fussing at myself, saying ‘you might can see him through the trees,’” she said.

Luckily, Black was able to locate the deer again. It was moving, but not quickly. She put the crosshairs on the buck when it stepped between two trees.

“Without thinking, I just pulled the trigger. As the shock of pulling the trigger eased, I could see his white belly in the air. I couldn’t believe it!” she said.

Fearing the buck would jump up and run off, Black waited and watched. To her delight, the buck was down for good. She sent her husband those most wished-for words of a hunting partner after hearing a shot – “big buck down.” She then climbed out of the stand to marvel at her trophy.

“I was amazed. He was big and he had a big rack!” said Black, who said she would not have been able to have this experience without the hard work her husband does to plan, maintain, and keep watch over their hunting spots.

“I truly appreciate all that he does and I am blessed to have him. This was the perfect hunt for me and I had the best time,” said Black.

After thoroughly looking over the buck, Black and her husband realized this is a deer they’d been watching for some time on their trail cameras, and they had nicknamed him “Tall Tines.”

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