As the season wears on, ducks become more and more skeptical of any place they might want to drop their feet. A duck hunter trying to scrape up a limit on a slow day in January should always be prepared to make shots when the birds are in range. 

As long as a pair of ducks commits to a decoy spread at 15 yards, it is never difficult to decide when to take a shot. But when ducks make numerous wide circles on the outer edge of the decoys, when to shoot and when not to can be a tough decision. 

Del Avins, manager of River Oaks Farms in Rimini, stands behind one philosophy the first week or the last week of the season. 

“Ducks will circle more in the late season, but I always am ready to take any reasonable shot presented,” Avins said. 

Late-season ducks are very weary and often won’t commit to  a decoy spread, but if they make a close swing in shotgun range, hunters need to make their best shots.