Decoy set-up is essential for a good crow hunt. 

“Too many decoys is just as bad as too little,” said veteran crow hunter Dondi Rogers of Saluda, who changes the way he sets up his spread depending on whether he things the crows are local birds or migratory birds.

“Local birds will flare if there are too many; they know how many birds are in the area,” he said. “In that case, I will set out eight to 10 at the most.” 

Another tactic that is good for the mobile hunter is to use dead crows as decoys. Rogers said crows will begin to circle and scream at the fallen crow, trying to get it to get up; this alone will bring in birds and get them excited. 

“When doing this, lay the crow out on its stomach and flare his wings to each side to increase his profile.” Rogers said.

When local crows find the dead crow, playing a “dying crow” sound on your call will bring them in from near and far.