Inman’s Mark Page has been managing a tract of private hunting land in Spartanburg County for about 15-years, and he’s killed some nice deer on it, but he didn’t know one particular deer was even on his land until the day he killed it while hunting last month. The deer has been green-scored at 163 5/8-inches.

“I had no idea that buck was on the property. We had not seen him on trail cameras or in person, and as soon as I saw him while hunting, I could tell he was good enough to shoot, but I still didn’t know exactly how big it was. It walked out into a 213-yard long shooting lane. It just peeked out looking for does, and came down the lane. It was in a shaded area and I couldn’t get a very good look at his rack. I shot him at 100-yards, and didn’t know until I got to him just how special that deer was,” he said.

Page was hunting on a 77-acre tract of private land from an 18-foot tall tripod stand tucked away in a pine thicket, and shot the buck with a Browning A-Bolt and .300 WSM with a Leupold scope. 

“I’ve got the branches around the tripod cut just enough so you can see down that shooting lane. It’s hidden in the pine thicket real good and has a complete view of the cleared lane,” he said.

The deer’s rack had a 19 3/8-inch inside spread and fifteen total points. Overall, Page said it was a fairly uneventful hunt. 

“It was an afternoon hunt, and I had only been sitting in the stand for about an hour when I killed it, which was about 5:15 p.m. It was the only deer I saw that day,” he said.

Page had the deer green-scored by SCDNR game warden Hugh Holliday, who estimated the buck to be between 6- and 7-years-old. It’s the biggest deer Page has ever killed, and his first one that will go in South Carolina’s record book.

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