If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite angler, or just want to buy yourself a little Christmas cheer, LIVETARGET Lures has a new twist on an old favorite bass lure. It’s the latest take on the hollow body frog craze, but this is no frog. The Sunfish Hollow Body is shaped like a bream, has a hollow, crushable body, and a custom Trokar double hook just like LIVETARGET’s hollow body frog.

The Sunfish floats on one side, giving the impression of an injured baitfish, and anglers use the same type of retrieve as with hollow body frogs. These lures are great in lily pads and other surface weeds, and like other LIVETARGET lures, feature some of the most realistic paint schemes you’ll see on any lure.

The Sunfish Hollow Body is available in two sizes. The 3-inch model weighs 7/16-ounce, and the 3.5-inch weighs 5/8-ounce. The lure comes in twelve different color schemes. For more information and a video of the product in use, visit www.livetargetlures.com.