It’s happened to us all. You’re all set up for the perfect photo, the cameraman is ready, your smile is perfect, and then something happens in the background that you weren’t expecting. A nephew does the old rabbit ears behind your head, a stranger walks by sneezing, a friend makes a face behind you.

You’ve been photobombed. 

But how many of us have been photobombed by Mother Nature? That’s exactly what happened to Brian Hughes of Spartanburg while on a deer hunt in Canada. While Hughes and his friend posed with a deer Hughes had just killed, another deer photobombed them, walking into view just before the photographer snapped the photo.

Hughes said after shooting the deer, he and his friend approached it and noticed another deer hanging around. 

“The deer walked out on them when they went to retrieve the deer he shot. He wouldn't leave even with them walking around. They knew the deer was around but didn't realize he got into the picture until afterwards,” said Hughes’ brother Steve. 

We should all be so lucky when we’re photobombed.