Gerald Grenier, aka “Jiggin’ Jerry,” of Charleston set a new pier record for sea trout on November 11 at the Mount Pleasant Pier with a 25 ½-inch fish that weighed 6 pounds.

Fishing on an incoming tide around 5:15 p.m., Grenier was blind-casting from the pier into the dark and murky water to the surrounding grass and structure. Grenier was retrieving the lure with a fast twitching motion to keep the lure running shallow when the big trout struck about ten feet out from the grass.

Leading the big trout over and around structure, it took Grenier about five minutes to get the fish into a drop net.

Grenier used a custom 7 foot spinning rod with a Quantum Smoke 2500 reel spooled with 8-pound Power Pro braided line and with a 12-pound Vanish fluorocarbon leader to haul in the bull trout. He was throwing a 2.5-inch Zman Slim Swimz in gold with a Zman 1/8-ounce white finesse Shroomz jighead.

“Because of the tea-colored water this time of year, the most popular colors for trout are gold and dark brown for silhouette fishing and casting around grass and structure,” Grenier said. He went on to explain that silhouette fishing is using dark colored baits in the murky water for a reaction strike.  

“This time of year we look and expect to find big bull trout,” said Grenier.

Grenier is no stranger to catching record fish. He caught the original pier trout record two years ago that weighed 4.9 pounds. Don Mounce also from Charleston had the previous pier record with a 5 ½-pound trout that he caught in April of this year.