Jason Prince decided to stay in bed a little later than he normally does but couldn’t get back to sleep, so he got dressed and took the 10-minute drive to his hunting stand in Inman. He got to his stand at 6:30 a.m., a little later than he’d originally planned, and by 8:40 a.m. he pulled the trigger of his Remington 700 .270 while peering through his Bushnell Bone Collector scope at the biggest deer he’s ever seen.

“I was sitting in a Lock-On stand overlooking a small food plot of oats, rape, and turnips and I had let one small 8-pointer walk. About 10-minutes later I rattled a few times, then after a few more minutes, I stood up. Almost as soon as I stood up, I saw the buck about 75-yards away approaching my food plot,” said Prince.

He knew it was a shooter right away. “I saw the rack and knew it was huge. He wasn’t following a doe and he didn’t seem all that interested in the food plot. I have no doubt he came in because of the rattling,” said Prince, who wasted no time leveling his rifle on the buck as it moved closer to him.

“I shot, and the buck ran out of sight. I got out of the stand right away and found blood immediately. I found the deer about 60-yards away from where I’d shot him,” said Prince, who likes the fact he killed the buck with a rifle he bought in Bozeman, Montana when he was 14-years old. He is 41 now.

It wasn’t the first sighting of this deer, but it was the first sighting in quite some time for Prince. “I was a little surprised to see this deer, because I had two years worth of trail-cam photos of him, but did not have a single one of him from this year,” said Prince, who hunts on a broken-up tract of land that totals about 100-acres.

The buck’s rack gross green-scored 157 1/8-inches, and with the proper deductions, the net green-score totaled 132 7/8-inches. Prince is having his trophy mounted by James Brothers Taxidermy in Inman.

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