After getting permission to hunt a neighbor’s land in Williamsburg County, Joe Causey killed a nice 8-point buck on the evening of Oct. 29, but even though the buck dropped in its tracks on his first shot from 150-yards away, he had to put another bullet in it when he noticed it up and struggling as he approached it. Or so he thought, until a closer look revealed it was a different buck altogether, sparring with the first deer he had shot.

“I shot the 8-pointer from about 40-feet up in my climbing stand. I lowered my stuff and climbed down, and chambered another bullet, then began walking the 150-yards toward the deer. It was getting close to dark so a little tough to see, but through some knee-high to waist-high grass, I could see the deer was up but struggling. I thought my deer was trying to get away, so I settled the crosshairs on him and shot him again – so I thought,” said Causey.

After the deer fell, Causey continued his walk and when his view was clear, he was surprised to see the deer he had just shot was not only a different deer, but this deer, a 7-pointer, had his horns locked up with the antlers of the dead 8-pointer.

“Apparently the 7-pointer thought it would be a good idea to beat up the bigger dead 8-pointer. I had to pry their racks apart,” Causey said. 

Causey’s thoughts immediately turned to Allen Foxworth, the landowner and lifelong friend that allowed him to hunt his 316-acre tract, even suggesting the spot he hunted at. “I thought, oh man, I came here to kill one deer, and now I’ve killed two on his land,” said Causey, who owns 13-acres right next to Foxworth’s land.

Foxworth though, was a good sport about it. “He just laughed and told me what a crazy story that is,” said Causey, who returns Foxworth’s favor by taking him fishing.

Causey shot the two deer with his Remington 700 SS .308 with a Leupold scope. He was shooting Federal Premium 150-grain bullets, and the first buck was coming to a corn pile Causey had created a week earlier at Foxworth’s suggestion.

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