The SCDNR has extended the temporary hunting closure on four of the five areas involved in the original suspension. The areas were all set to open back up after midnight tonight, Oct 11, but after evaluating all areas, only one will open back to hunting on schedule. 

The Wateree-Congaree drainage area will reopen for deer hunting tomorrow, but the other four areas remained closed through Oct 14. A partial reopening is in effect for the Edisto drainage system. The parcels of the Edisto system that lie in Bamberg and Orangeburg Counties will reopen as originally planned, but the remainder of that system (Charleston, Dorchester, and Colleton Counties) will stay closed until midnight Oct 14.

The Black River, Santee, and Waccamaw River drainage areas also remain closed through midnight Oct 14. The SCDNR will continue to monitor all areas and make changes if necessary. 

Hunting for all animals except hogs, doves, gators, and coyotes is forbidden in the closed areas, and the main reason for the closure is to give flooded waters time to recede, giving animals like deer a chance to stay on high-ground unpressured until their normal travel routes become available again.

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