Grand Strand and Pee Dee-area hunters are finding that many of their usual hunting grounds are temporarily closed to deer hunting thanks to the recent flooding. One option they have is not too far away at Field and Fin Adventures in Loris. “We are still open for all hunting, including deer. We are not included in the deer hunting suspension,” said Luke Board, who operates the facility, which has a dove hunt scheduled for tomorrow following a lunch for all hunters at noon. 

Field and Fin Adventures features premium deer stands and the property is open to the public. They maintain over 1000-acres for hunting deer, quail, dove, turkeys, and they also do pheasant tower shoots.

With 12 deer hunting stands currently in place, Field and Fin is a great place to hunt throughout the temporary suspension, or to continue hunting throughout the rest of the season. Board said several of the stands are suitable for archery hunters.

Fishing ponds are also located on the property, and they are well-stocked with bream and bass. And unlike most farm ponds, these are manicured along the banks, so anglers don’t have to fight the brush, trees, and weeds that many ponds have. 

Visit Field and Fin’s website or call 336-259-8300 or 843-333-0889 to book your trip, or to get more information on their hunting and fishing opportunities.