The SCDNR has closed Lake Ashwood in Lee County because of damage suffered during the recent storms and because of the potential for danger from high volumes of incoming water. The lake and surrounding park closed today and will remain closed until further notice.

Along with Lake Ashwood’s closure, the SCDNR has closed a number of WMAs. Some of these game lands are closed to automotive traffic, while others are closed entirely. Deer hunting season has been suspended in certain counties until Oct. 11 at midnight.

The Santee Dam WMA in Clarendon County and the Wateree River Heritage Preserve WMA in Richland County are completely closed.

Gunter’s Island in the Little Pee Dee Heritage Preserve WMA, Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve WMA, Waccamaw River Heritage Preserve WMA, Bonneau Ferry WMA, Edisto River WMA, Bear Island WMA, and Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve are all closed to automotive traffic, but open to foot traffic.

The agency is also urging boaters to stay off waterways because of the hazardous conditions brought about by the storm. Aside from the swift currents, which can change quickly, obstructions like fallen trees that are just below the surface, but not immediately detectable by boaters, are also a major problem.

More closures may be in the works as flooding continues across some areas of the state.