Things just got a little tougher for South Carolina poachers. Thanks to a grant from QDMA’s Foothills Chapter, the SCDNR has received a new robotic deer decoy which will be used by game enforcement officers to catch illegal hunters.

Game wardens can’t be everywhere, and poachers know that and take advantage of that fact. They know the chance of getting caught is low when the state has so few officers to cover the whole state. This robotic decoy, however, gives the SCDNR the ability to play offense, instead of just waiting around hoping to catch the bad guys.

Even when citizens call the DNR to report illegal hunting, it is still difficult for a game warden, a law breaker, and a live deer to be present at the same location and same time. But with this realistic decoy, game wardens can now head to those suspected poaching areas, set up the decoy, and observe. This puts them in the hotspot with a realistic deer, meaning only one piece of the puzzle—the poacher—is missing. 

This makes it much easier to catch the illegal hunting activity, which is a good thing for the many law-abiding hunters throughout our state. If you suspect someone of hunting game illegally in South Carolina, call 1-800-922-5431.