One of the newest entries in’s Bag-A-Buck contest comes from a 13-year old whose family has a tradition of entering this contest with nice deer. Olivia Pace, from Jasper County, is following her mom’s footsteps. Alli Pace had an interesting deer hunt that stretched two days and ended in a unique way which led to her deer becoming known as “The Underwear Buck.”

Olivia’s story doesn’t end with Fruit-of-the-Looms, but her deer hunt also stretched two days and ended even more successfully than her mom’s. This hunt ended with Olivia harvesting two bucks—one eight pointer, and a seven pointer in velvet.

One evening, Olivia was hunting from a box stand overlooking a food plot of beans and peas when she saw these two bucks together. She wasn’t able to get a reasonably good shot at the deer, so she let them walk.

The next day after school, she headed back to the same box stand after quickly grabbing her mom’s .308. She sat in the stand doing her homework in her school clothes, and it didn’t take long for those same two deer to show up together.

With two shots, Olivia downed both bucks, ending her two-day hunt, and joining her mom as Bag-A-Buck contestants.