Some days, the fishing is easy, and it seems no matter what you put in the water, the fish will bite it. Other days, it’s a little tougher. On those tough days, sometimes just a slight adjustment can turn a slow day of fishing into a productive fishing trip. Next time you find it tough to get a bite, try one of these adjustments to change your luck.

Downsize your bait or lure. Bishopville’s Richie Boykin was fishing with live shrimp in the creeks around Fripp Inlet but wasn’t getting bites. He was frustrated because he could see redfish all around his boat.

“Under popping corks, free-lined, or on the bottom, live shrimp should have produced, but no matter how we tried, we weren’t getting a nibble,” he said.

With nothing to lose, Boykin decided to try fishing tiny pieces of cut shrimp. A handful of casts later, he and his fishing partner had their limit of slot redfish. They shared the information with the boat anchored nearby, and those anglers finally started catching fish too.

“It didn’t make me want to fish tiny pieces of shrimp 100-percent of the time, but I don’t hesitate to try it whenever the fishing gets tough,” Boykin said.

Use the proper leader and connector. When using artificial lures like VuDu Shrimp or Z-man soft plastics, use a fluorocarbon leader. Nothing is more invisible underwater than fluorocarbon. Some days it doesn’t matter, but when the bites are hard to come by, fluorocarbon leaders are essential. For connecting it to your mainline, forgo using a swivel. Capt. Rick Percy of Reel Chance Charters (803-535-6166) recommends using a surgeon’s knot.

“A surgeons knot is the easiest and smallest knot to connect leader to mainline,” he said.

Fish areas you normally don’t. It’s always good to have several different spots in mind when you start a fishing trip, but when none of those spots produce, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

“When you aren’t having success in areas that you normally do, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying another area,” said Capt. Dave Yates of Yates Sea Charters (843-568-2521). “When the fish aren’t where you think they should be, sometimes you’ll find them where you don’t think they would logically be. Sometimes this can turn your day around, and add to your list of good fishing spots.”