Capt. Chris Ossmann of Fine Catch Fishing Charters captured this amazing footage of an 11-foot Tiger Shark while out with a party targeting spadefish.

Ossmann (843-655-6440) said his party was fishing around a reef about 8 miles out of Little River, S.C., looking for spadefish and cobia.

“We chummed the water to bring the baitfish and the larger fish up to the surface,” said Ossmann. “We began hooking into a few spadefish.” 

Out of the corner of his eye, Ossmann noticed a big shark coming up from below. 

“The shark just came out of nowhere,” said Ossman, who estimated the shark at around 11 feet.

According to Ossman, it would cruise past the boat waiting for an easy meal. It came close to the boat several times before sliding back out of sight in deeper water.

It wasn’t the first time that Ossmann has seen big tiger sharks while fishing inshore reefs. He said he’s seen many in the 8- to 12-foot range. This time, however, he had a GoPro Hero 3 camera on board. Attached to a stick, he was able to capture some footage as the shark stalked spadefish close to the surface.