The 2014-15 deer season was an interesting one for Palmetto State hunters. In the Upstate, baiting is still a relative novelty, and with a huge acorn crop this past fall, it’s likely that big bucks didn’t have to travel too far to find something to eat. And that’s never good news for the troops in camouflage and blaze orange.

The real time to kill a big buck is the season that follows a big mast crop, because deer are typically in better shape coming out of winter since it was no problem to find all the acorns they could possibly want to stuff down their throats.

So in the best tradition of fans of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, it might be time to shout out “Wait ’til next year” — except that plenty of hunters killed nice bucks in 2014. Here’s a look at a handful of the most-recent trophies taken, and a gallery of big bucks that graced South Carolina Sportsman’s pages last fall.

New Newberry No. 3

Special buck for a special guest hunter

Duck into a buck

Lee County trophy falls to hunter on a log

My brother made me do it....

For an old buck, it was his time

Textbook or text buck? Sumter teen hits another homer