Winyah Bay usually has good fishing for speckled trout and redfish, but with the recent cooler weather, fishing is as good as it gets.

Fish have been biting on both the falling and rising tides, with trout feeding on live and imitation shrimp. Look for areas where the current is stirring up the baitfish, and trout will be close by.

Trout are hanging tight to oyster bars, which are tough on braided or small-diameter monofilaments, so go with a 2-foot fluorocarbon leader under a popping cork and keep the bait just off the bottom. The 4-inch Vudu Shrimp has been very productive.

Redfish are holding close to structure near grass or wood, if you can find any. The grassy islands in the bay are holding plenty of fish. Spinnerbaits are working very well on reds, but soft-plastic shrimp and swimming mullets are drawing strikes.


As the weather cools, reds will start hanging out in larger schools, and for anglers looking for slot-sized fish, this is the time to get out and fill your cooler with limits of both fish.