Veteran hunters who venture into the woods during deer season typically have a routine they follow that includes the gear they rely on, especially when hunting from an elevated stand or climbing tree stand. You may or may not have considered these items, but reading this list may have you reassessing what’s in your pack.

Binoculars – A good pair of binoculars not only let you see far away, they let you see close up by focusing on areas behind obstacles like tree limbs and leaves. A pair with an objective lens in the 40mm or larger range will allow you to see better in low light conditions.

Smart Phone – Agree or disagree, a smart phone allows you to stay connected to hunting buddies, weather apps or post to Facebook. The end result is passing time and staying longer in the stand. In an emergency, you can even call for help.

Scent Killer Spray – No matter how much you spray on before going to the stand, carrying the bottle in your pack helps you “refresh” your no scented-ness once in the stand. The spray also doubles as a wind indicator.

Lure Retriever and Para-Cord  – Makes an excellent device for retrieving items dropped from a climbing stand. You can make one with an 8/0 treble hook and a 6-ounce trolling sinker. The retriever can also be used to snag that limb just out of reach and pull it out of your line of sight and secure it with the rope.

Pocket Knife – A no-brainer. A serrated edge doubles as a limb saw in a pinch; other blades can be used for minor repairs or to field dress a deer.

Black Electrical Tape – 1,001 uses. Just like duct tape only in a smaller, more compact package. Some hunters have been known to use strips instead of face paint for camouflage.

Packable camo rain jacket – Sometimes it rains. It can also be used as makeshift camo netting by securing with electrical tape. Fold it up and add padding to your seat. A rain jacket also has pretty decent insulating capabilities if it suddenly turns cooler.