Several WMAs provide hunters with opportunities to harvest hogs, and some are very good, according to Derrell Shipes of SCDNR.

“First of all, we typically encourage the harvest of wild hogs, and there is no season or limit on them on a statewide basis, but there are only specific times when they can be hunted on WMAs,” Shipes said. “When hunters are hunting a permitted species on an WMA, such as deer, they can take hogs as long as they do so using the equipment that is permitted for that hunt. For example, if the deer hunt is archery-only, hunters must use archery equipment. If a gun hunt, they can use the gun.

“Also there are some WMAs that have hunts specifically for hogs on specific dates,” he said. “The key here is to use the regulations guide and find the dates and places where these hunts are held.”

Shipes said that the same rules of hog hunting generally apply to harvesting coyotes on WMAs. Hunters must be hunting on approved hunts or when the WMA is open for hunting. But the large WMAs, such as the Francis Marion National Forest and the three sections of the Sumter National Forest, have extensive deer seasons when it’s legal for hunting. Both coyotes and hogs can be harvested on any of these hunts.