The S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ application period for lottery deer hunts on public lands will close on Aug. 15.

Hunters have had the opportunity to apply for the draw deer hunts since July 1. Application is strictly online this year at

SCDNR will only notify the primary applicant of the lottery results. Whether selected or not, the notification of the results will only be mailed to the primary applicant. The team members will be listed and selected primary applicants will receive hunt instructions. E-mail notification may be available for the deer hunts

Applicants will be able to select a “non-draw” option that will allow you to apply and acquire a preference point, but you will not be considered for selection. This will benefit those who know that they will not be available for hunts this season but want to maintain their preference history and be considered for selection the following year.

The Resident Temporary Wildlife Management Area Permit that has been offered to all lottery hunters in the past will now only be offered for the half-day waterfowl and turkey hunts. Hunters who apply and are selected for deer hunts most have a WMA permit at the time they hunt, unless they are under age 16.