Another season has come and gone for South Carolina deer hunters, but not without considerable bloodshed and a collection of fine bucks on their way into the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ record book. Regardless of roller-coaster weather, the 2013 season left plenty of happy hunters across the state. This past season produced a pile of high-quality bucks for hunters from a wide range of demographics: men, women, children — even our “most experienced” individuals.  

From neophytes to those collecting Social Security, killing trophy bucks is catching on across the ages and genders.  

Tanner Herndon claimed the youth spot at a lively 12 years old with a huge 240-pound, 9-pointer he killed early in the august season in Dorchester County before bucks began to split off from their bachelor groups. 

The “most experienced” slots were filled by D.W. Eggleston and Edith Dooley, both from the Midlands, who killed very impressive bucks any hunter across the country would have been proud to hang over their fireplaces. Eggleston, 80, of Lake Monticello, dropped a heavy-horned 11-point buck in his tracks on Nov. 5 within a few minutes’ drive of Columbia. Dooley, a grandmother from Lexington, leveled a 10-pointer from Rimini that carried more than 140 inches of antlers.

Trophy bucks came from every corner of the state, but no doubt, certain counties more regularly produce trophy bucks than others. According to SCDNR’s record book, the top 10 counties are: Orangeburg, Aiken, Fairfield, Colleton, Anderson, Williamsburg, Kershaw, Abbeville, Barnwell and Allendale. This past season didn’t stray too far from historic trends. Colleton County alone produced a nice spread of whopper bucks, but Berkeley, Dorchester, and Horry County sent some exceptional bucks showing up at the taxidermist. 

The 2013 season translates to a victory for the hunters of the state and over the next few pages represents some of the finest and most notable deer that were harvested this year with the play by play on how each of these hunters bagged their bucks.

Last-minute Horry County Trophy

Bonneau man takes possible Berkeley County record

Fairfield County whopper

Grandma still got game

The Freak

Water-logged hunter arrows trophy in Little Pee Dee swamp

WMA draw hunt produces whopper 8-pointer

Iron sights are enough for Colleton County bruiser

Dorechester trophy killed by 12-year-old