In order to make it easier than ever to apply for lottery hunts on public lands in South Carolina, the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has unveiled a new online registration system at

The initial roll-out involves the multi-site deer hunt and the waterfowl hunt will soon follow. The goal is to make all lottery hunts available online where persons can apply and pay any fees.

SCDNR will still allow paper applications this year, but eventually all applications for all lottery hunts will only be accepted on paper at an SCDNR regional office and online at the agency website.

Participants will notice on the online form a "non-draw" option. This will allow applicants to acquire preference points, but not to be selected for a hunt. This will benefit those who know they will not be available for the hunts in the current year, but want to maintain their preference history and be considered for selection in the following year.

The way lottery applicants will be notified of the results will also change. SCDNR will now only notify the primary applicant. The team members will be listed and selected primary applicants will receive hunt instructions. DNR will soon allow the option of notification via email. All primary applicants will be notified regardless of the success of their application. The changes in notification will begin with waterfowl lottery hunts.

Changes have also been made for the Resident Temporary Wildlife Management Area Permit. The permit will now only be offered to lottery hunters for the half-day hunts (waterfowl and turkey). Those who apply and are selected for the other hunts must possess a regular Wildlife Management Area Permit.