Drew Gregory of Charlotte, N.C., won the Southern Kayak Association's Catawba Clash Bass Tournament on the Catawba River out of Fort Mill. Gregory pocketed $450, beating out 17 other kayak anglers in a "catch, photo, release" tournament where anglers photograph their fish next to a ruler and a unique tournament identifier, then release the fish.

Gregory won the tournament in dominating fashion; all five of his keepers measured more than 20 inches, and he beat Dan Mullane of Charlotte by more than 15 inches. Only two other fishermen caught any fish over the 20-inch mark, and no one had more than one.


Gregory caught his fish on a mix of Zara Spooks and Z-Man Chatterbaits. An early morning snag on a stump confirmed Gregory's suspicion that he would find bass way up on the banks.


"When I pulled my way up under the low trees, to my surprise it opened up a little bit and due to the high water there was a whole cast's length of small creek to still throw up into. I retrieved my lure and cast up into the small canyon and let my Chatterbait bounce off the side wall and into the cut. A few cranks later and she struck," Gregory said.


"That fish actually confirmed what I already thought to be true, that the fish were way up on the bank and into the slower water due to the main river being so swift. I took this knowledge and used it downstream where I caught another 20.5-inch fish doing the same thing and then soon after I landed my second "kicker" that went about 22.75 inches."

Runnerup Mullane finished second and won $100 with five fish that measured 92 inches, followed by Chris Gravely in third with an whose 86.5-inch catch anchored by a 22.5-inch bass. Caldwell's Jeremy Williams took fourth with 86 inches, and David Winters of Rock Hill finished fifth with 82.75 inches. 



Lake Wylie Thursday Night Tournament Trail, June 27

1. Mike Smith (Rowan, NC), 13.37, $250; 2. Hunter Hicks (Charlotte)-Mike Stephens (Charlotte), 12.84, $160; 3. Steve Addington (Dallas, NC)-Scott Beattie (Lincolnton, NC), 12.03, $90; 4. Rick Carson (Gastonia)-James Clemmons (Columbia), 11.52, $75; 5. Gordon Smith (Lake Wylie)-Jarod Kimak (Rock Hill), 11.34, $50. Big Fish: Mike Smith, 7.01, $100.


Lake Wylie Thursday Night Tournament Trail, June 20

1. Hunter Hicks (Charlotte), 17.10, $275; 2. Scott Guyot (Charlotte)-Todd Lawrence (Rock Hill), 15.54, $200; 3. Mark Humphries-Tyler Carson, 14.88, $140; 4. Cliff Kirby (Catawba)-Matt McBee (Concord, NC), 12.75, $130; 5. Mike Allman (Rock Hill)-Keith Porter (Chester), 12.49, $75. Big Fish: Hunter Hicks, 5.01, $100.


Carolina Anglers Team Trail Wateree Summer Final, June 29, Lake Wateree

1. Craig Haven (Lugoff)-Tim Haven (Lugoff), 18.03, $2595; 2. Jesse Williams (Sumter)-Richard Smith (Sumter), 16.88, $1000; 3. Chad Rabon (Camden)-Walt Almond (Camden), 16.84, $600; 4. Dwight Beaver (Ridgeville)-Bradford Beaver (Ridgeville), 16.54, $300; 5. Rick McLean (Sumter)-Billy McIntosh (Sumter), 16.21, $160. Big Fish: Haven-Haven, 6.13, $100.


American Bass Association Couples Series, June 8, Lake Thurmond

1. Susan Mills-John Mills (Leesville), 11.3, $500; 2.  Sara Ledford-Don Ledford (Lawndale, NC), 9.00, $250; 3.  Ana Terry (Lavonia, Ga)-Brad Rutherford (Lavonia, Ga), 8.76, $160; 4. Julianne Bowman-Kyle Giella (Columbia), 7.76, $100.


Midlands Striper Club Tournament, June 15, Lake Murray1. Team Rocky Bottom, 23.15, $500; 2. Team Laid Back, 22.69, $350; 3. Team Catchall, 22.42, $200; 4. Team Overtime, 22.42, $125; 5. Team Shad Up & Fish, 20.99, $50. Big Fish: Team Catchall, 8.53. Top Lady Angler: Kelsey Barnes of Team Shad Up & Fish. Top Youth Angler: Matthew Mature, Jacob Harmon, Georgia Smith.