Largemouth bass are in post-spawn mode and are still being caught in shallow water at Lake Moultrie. Both quality and quantity of fish are being caught in the shallow water areas of the lake.

Kevin Davis, owner of Blacks Camp, said that the fishing from mid-June through much of the summer will remain outstanding in the shallow areas.


"You just have to know which shallow-water areas to focus your bass-fishing efforts," Davis said. "The keys to success are simple but essential. Look for slightly deeper water than where the bass have been caught during the prespawn and spawn periods. That means we're looking at four to seven feet of water most of the time. In addition, focus your fishing around and in heavy cover throughout most of the day. Very early and late in the day, there will be a flurry of topwater action. Recently, on rainy, overcast days, we've had excellent topwater fishing all-day long. Not only are  plenty of largemouth being caught in terms of numbers, a lot of big fish are being taken as well."


Davis (843-753-2231) said that in a recent, one-day tournament, two largemouths heavier than 10 pounds were caught. Davis said that catching two trophy fish of that size that are not what anglers should realistically expect to catch in June, but the odds of hooking into a big bass or two are very good.


"While the really big fish are still being caught, it's not like the fishing was back in March and April in terms of the higher numbers of really big fish," he said. "However, the opportunity to hook a hawg bass is still very realistic during June and actually throughout the summer months. But the numbers of bass biting are very good; it's just the odds of catching multiple monster largemouth bass in a single day are not as likely as the water temperature really begins to heat up." 


Davis said some of the best baits include a variety of topwater lures, including soft frogs worked through the pads and weedbeds. He said topwater lures such as the Zara Spook, Zoom Horny Toad and the Skinny Dipper are producing plenty of bites, and Senkos, Pop-Rs and buzzbaits have also been productive.


"Fishing in the Diversion Canal is also excellent, and a lot of fish in the 2- to 4-pound class are being caught on worms and crankbaits," Davis said." Fish along the cypress trees and weedy cover along the edge of the canal. We've got good water flow in the Diversion Canal now because of all the rain, and the baitfish are there, so the largemouth are in there with them."