Speckled trout fishing is "on fire in the Wando (River)," according to guide Addison Rupert of Lowcountry Outdoor Adventures.

Trout were what Rupert was targeting with Madison Wright of Isle of Palms one day late last week. But in addition to the trout, Wright landed a 40-inch-plus redfish and flounder for an "inshore grand slam" – and Rupert said they haven't been uncommon, either, but it requires a little thinking and preparation.


The trout key, Rupert said, is finding clear water. "The water is dirty in a lot of areas, and trout especially don't like that, he said. "Clear water with shell banks are great areas to try for trout, and if a small creek is present as well, that makes it an even better spot."


Rupert (843-557-3476) has been using live menhaden under popping corks to target specks, and he's had his best success on an outgoing tide.


Flounder fishing is also strong in the Wando; live mud minnows and menhaden dragged along the bottom on Carolina rigs are producing fish. Rupert, who looks for flounder on sandy bottoms near the shortline, suggests anglers slowly pull their line, then reel the slack out, then repeat.


"Usually you'll feel a tick-tick when the flounder bites," said Rupert. "But don't set the hook right away. It takes flounder longer to work the bait into their mouths than most fish, so give it a few seconds before setting the hook."


Rupert has been catching redfish in deep holes around docks and old wooden structure. Using a quarter to a half of a blue crab, Rupert impales it on a 3/0 hook on Carolina rigs with an 18-inch leaders, using 4000 series reels with 60- to 80-pound line.


"These fish will run straight into the dock pilings and any other structure, so you want to use stout gear," said Rupert.