Typically, March and April find anglers stacked in the tiny Cherry Grove estuary for the spring flounder run, but few fish have made it to the dock until now. At least a month late, flounder have showed up in the past few days in a big way, with double-digit catches on live and artificial offerings.

Capt. Keith Logan of Feeding Frenzy Charters can’t ask for better conditions or opportunities for his trips.

“We are killing the flounder in Cherry Grove,” said Logan, “and catching lots of nice fish, too, with most falling around 16 inches and a handful exceeding 20 inches.”

The fish are pouring in from the inlet and looking to feast the first chance they get. Logan (843-907-0064), is concentrating in the main channel between the inlet and the estuary where the deep water holds out on a falling tide. 

“The best bite is on lower falling water, but with a good current flow. If you try to fish on a slack current, the blue crabs will destroy your bait long before the flounder ever get a chance to find it,” he said.

Logan drifts with the current on both rising and falling tides, dragging live mud minnows, croakers, and small pinfish, but artificial lures also contribute to the daily take.

“They love those D.O.A. shrimp. They work great!” he said.

Besides shrimp imitations, baitfish imitations will produce good bites, including 5-inch Gulp! Jerk shad and Swimming mullet in pearl, white and smoke colors. 

Since the bulk of these fish showed up late, Logan expects the great bite to continue for another couple of weeks.