Casey Logan and Jim Sims of Hopkins won the CATT Trail's May 11 Lake Murray Spring Final with a sack of five largemouth bass that weighed an even 21 pounds.

Logan and Sims used a variety of lures and techniques, with no single one seeming to work better than any others. They also had the second big fish and took home a total of $3,432 for their efforts.


Kevin Fulmer of Prosperity fished alone and finished second with five bass that weighed 19 pounds, 12 ounces. One of his was a 6-pounder that won, and won him the big fish award. He took home $1,168.  Third place went to Baylen Moore of Columbia and Keith Chichester of Blythewood. They teamed up to win $500 for their 19-pound, 2-ounce limit.


Andy Sease of Gilbert and Leesville's Beau Dixon finished fourth, winning $300 for their 19.0-pound bag. Also catching 19 pounds was the team of Howard Stephens of Columbia and Mark McCormick of Chapin, who took home $120. The tie-breaker  went to Sease and Dixon because their biggest fish was larger than Stephens and McCormick's biggest.


This was the final tournament for the Lake Murray Spring portion of CATT, and two teams tied for first place for the overall season champions. Doug Lown of Lake Murray and Rhett Manus of Gilbert tied with Stephens and McCormick, and these four anglers will continue to battle it out in CATT's summer season on Murray.




CATT Upstate Spring Final, May 11, Lake Hartwell

1. Jamie Rampey (Liberty)-Michael Zubr (Columbia), 15.60, $1,818; 2. Bradley Rhodes (Hendersonville, NC)-Chris Dorlan (Waynesville, NC), 14.80, $642; 3. Charles Murphy (Hendersonville, NC)-Jim Sanders (Easley), 14.40, $125; 4. Brock Taylor (Pendleton)-George Parker (Liberty), 13.10; 5. Ryan Bowman (Seneca)-Mitchell Swaney (Clemson), 12.5. Big Fish: Rampey-Zubr, 5.40, $100.


Catawba Catfish Club, Tournament, May 4-5, Lake Wylie

1. Jeff Manning-Michael Paciocco, 119.75 pounds, $290; 2. John Terry-Glenn Arrowood, 102.50, $174; 3. Mike Rape-Roger Rape-David Catoe, 101.70, $116; 4. Lindsay Bigham-Dean Birch-Rob McHenry, 87.2; 5. Benji Brown-Tommy Ellis, 70.05.


ABA American Fishing Tour, April 28, Lake Murray

1. Kevin Fulmer (Prosperity), 20.8, $502; 2. Sean Anderson (Leesville), 20.38, $298; 3. Will Anderson (Chapin), 18.75, $97; 4. Daniel Howell (Starr), 16.58, $181; 5. Mark Richardson (Irmo), 15.63. Big Fish: Daniel Howell, 6.10, $100.


American Bass Anglers, April 21, Lake Wateree

1. Charles Boyte (Columbia), 13.24, $382; 2. Phil Morris (Saluda), 7.83, $190; 3. Donald Kneece (Saluda), 6.92, $65; 4. Eddie Temples (Saluda), 6.84; 5. Dean Chapman (Leesville), 4.40. Big fish: Donald Kneece, 4.46 pounds.