This time of year, striped bass will move out of the main-lake deep water in many of South Carolina's reservoirs and up into some of the longer tributary arms, and one of the top baits is large gizzard shad – which are often right under your boat. Being able to throw a cast net and catch your own bait adds an additional facet to your fishing outings.

Guide Steve Pietrykowski of Seneca catches most of his own bait, whether he's targeting striped bass in Hartwell, spotted bass in Lake Keowee, or rainbow and brown trout in Lake Jocassee. He said that once you get the hang of it, throwing the big net for bait can be fun – and save money at the tackle shop.

"Start by loading the cast-net line in small loops in your hand," said Pietrykowski of    Fishki Business. "Grab the net just below the horn and divide it into three one-third portions; the first third of the lead line goes under my arm and over my shoulder, another third stays in my right hand, and the last third hangs down from my left.

With the net separated in this manner, I'm going to throw the net like a Frisbee. This is one of the easiest methods I've found for throwing a big 10- to 12-foot net."

In the accompanying video, Pietrykowski (864-353-3438) demonstrates how he throws the big net and shows what you need to be looking for on your graph and the areas that you're most likely to find the bait you need.