The term "blue moon" refers to the rare occasion when the moon is full more than one time during a single month. On Aug. 31, the second moon of the month, a "blue moon" will occur. Regardless of the color associated with it, this will provide inshore anglers with another high tide ranging from 6.3 feet in Charleston to 8.6 feet in Beaufort. While it may be a blue moon, it's a red tide, or rather a redfish tide that has most inshore anglers planning to be on their nearest local mudflat with rod in hand. If that rod happens to be a fly rod, then Ken Bergmann of Low Country Fly Shop in Mount Pleasant has a copper colored present for you.

Bergmann is not only a first-class fly angler but also a fly-tying instructor at Lowcountry Fly Shop in Mount Pleasant. The accompanying video gives step-by-step instructions on how to tie the "Copper Clobber", a crab-imitating fly that local redfish find irresistible.

The Copper Clobber is constructed using rabbit hide and copper and red-colored flash on a No. 4 Mustad hook.

Once constructed, Bergmann suggests that fly casters place the fly 3 to 4 feet ahead of the path of tailing fish and let the bait sit. He said the Clobber's rabbit-fur tail provides enough tantalizing action that as redfish approaches the bait, the movement of the water will cause the bait to rise into the path of the feeding fish. From there, the fight is on as the red tries to escape the angler in just inches of water.