As welcome as the recent rains have been for farmers around South Carolina, they have also helped out inshore saltwater fisheries in the Beaufort area by cooling the waters, according to Capt. Owen Plair of Bay Street Outfitters.

"They're basically biting on anything right now," Plair said, "live shrimp, mud minnows and even artificials; if you fish the right times of the day, you can catch some good fish."

Plair suggests heading out early in the morning when the temperature is at its most bearable. As for bait, the tides determine what Plair has at the end of his line.

"If I'm fishing a rising or falling tide, I like to use live baits, working grass lines," Plair said. "If it's a low tide, I fish artificials, and I fish artificials at high tide as well. For the low-tide artificial baits, I like to use imitations of jerk shad, shrimp or minnows. For high tide, I'll typically use a crab imitation, since that's what they're feeding on at that point. Basically I'm presenting what they're eating."

For tackle, Plair likes a 7- to 9-foot rod with a 2500-series reel and 15-pound braided line. Plair said he's been catching plenty of redfish in the 20- to 25-inch range, with an occasional bigger fish hauled in.

"Most days, we're starting early mornings when the fish are biting and staying out of the sun," Plair said. "It's important to get out and target those fish before the sun gets up and really hot. Once the sun gets high in the sky, it's not only uncomfortable for people, it also takes its toll on the fish and they shut down."