Fishing is slowing down in much of the state's freshwater simply because of the weather, but stripers on Lake Hartwell seem to be the best way to go if you want to catch big fish.

Capt. Bill Plumley of Capt. Bill's Fishing Adventures said that in the past week or two, he's caught plenty of fish each trip, including one recent morning when his party caught more than 20.


"The best part isn't necessarily the numbers of fish being caught right now, but the size," said Plumley (864-287-2120). "Most of the fish we've caught have been in the 7- to 15-pound range, and that's a good size fish for this time of year."


Plumley likes to use only live blueback herring during the summer doldrums. Using a down-line system of fishing, he tips his medium-weight rod with one small to medium herring and the fish are liking what he's offering lately.


"We're fishing anywhere from 40 to 60 feet, which seems to be where the fish are hanging out right now," he said. "And we've been catching them from what I call mid-lake to the dam."


Plumley said the fish are typically hanging out around structure, mainly around the lake's numerous submerged trees, and they haven't been in one spot for more than one day.


"They're definitely on the move," he said. "If you catch fish in one spot today, chances are they won't be there tomorrow."


He's also seen a lot of people trolling lately, and that type of fishing usually picks up around mid-July, he said, but, don't count on seeing him pulling a line behind his boat.


"I like to know where the fish are before I cast a line," Plumley said. "That's not to say guys aren't having luck trolling right now, but when I cut my motor there are always fish under the boat and right now, they're liking what I'm putting in front of them."