• September 2018 - Volume 25, Number 9


    The best wing-shooting on Labor Day weekend in the Carolinas will usually be in fields where doves have found a solid food source. Here’s how to join them.

    With an estimated population of 275 million in North America, the mourning dove is one of the most-abundant and recognizable birds in the land. In the South, Labor Day weekend brings hunters from all walks of life into fields for the opening day of the dove season. 

    Cross your t’s and dot your i’s as archery season arrives; the first few days will be your best chance at a buck before he becomes wary.

    Finally, after a long layoff, hunters are getting back into the woods, but many who venture into the sweltering deer stands of early archery season are doing so unprepared. 

    Fall brings live-bait tactics into the Spanish mackerel community; here’s why anglers put away their spoons and load up on mullet.

    After another hot Carolina summer, the fall fishing season finally arrives this month in all corners. From slab crappie gulping shiners at Lake Moultrie to gator trout crushing Flukes around Little River, cooling conditions ignite a feeding frenzy in freshwater and saltwater environments. 

    Unique offshore habitat is home to some of the best fishing or yellowfin tuna on the east coast, and late summer is prime time.

    The wind was uncommonly calm Jim Rickman eased the Outer Limits through the sloughs towards Oregon Inlet and turned south, setting a course for his 55-foot sportfisher toward a bluewater hot spot known as The Point.

    Fishing for food or bait? White perch are one fish that fills the bill in both instances across the Carolinas. Here’s how to fill your bait tank and fish fryer.

    For those of you who are live-bait fisherman, have you ever been so proud of the job you did catching, storing and presenting the bait that you thought, “That looks so good, I’d eat it myself?”

    Preview the public hunting land in both Carolinas, and take a look at a different way to catch Spanish mackerel in the fall.