• November 2017 - Volume 24, Number 11


    Interrupt the migration of flatfish toward the ocean this month with the right bait or lure, and you can count on tasty fillets to go along with that Thanksgiving turkey.

    Fall fishing is in full swing along the Carolina coast, and although many anglers think about king mackerel, speckled trout and spots, flounder fishing can be fantastic; it’s the time when many of the biggest specimens make it into the boat.

    From swamps to beaver ponds, almost every sportsman in the Carolinas can find a few wood ducks to hunt.

    As I stood in the dark swamp, knee deep in water, I could hear the whistling of duck wings as they flew by and landed in flooded timber around me. Looking up, I could see ducks in groups of three to as many as 10 silhouetted against the breaking light of the morning sky. 

    Commercial hunting operations in the Carolinas are apt to provide opportunities for visiting huntesr who want to target trophy bucks — or fill their freezers with venison. How do they manage for such different objectives? Here’s how....

    The young buck slipped out of the woods and leisurely walked across yards of open field to begin its relaxed, late-afternoon snack of corn. Several times, he raised his head from the corn pile to look around, but it was all unhurried, relaxed and lacking the caution of a mature buck.

    November brings with it some of the best fishing of the year for speckled trout in South Carolina’s Lowcountry — and lots of ways to catch them. Take this expert’s tips and sample the specks.

    With November comes the best shallow-water speckled trout fishing of the year, and after a few mild winters, the fish are healthy, fat and plentiful. As the water cools, specks are active, schooled up and gorging themselves in anticipation of cold, winter weather. Whether you target trout with popping corks and bait, jigheads with plastic trailers on spinning or baitcasting tackle, or fly rods, the action is as good as it gets.

    Grouper are as close to the beach as they’ll ever been in November, and this North Carolina captain has a few ideas about catching them.

    John Mallette’s love affair with grouper began when he was a teen on Topsail Island, where his family once owned Ocean City Pier. He took a trip with Joe Hifko, a noted fisherman, and was hooked right away.

    November kicks striped bass fishing into high gear across the Carolinas. Here’s where the action is.

    Fall is a lot of things to a lot of different outdoorsmen, but for landlocked linesider fans, November’s cooling waters mean that hungry striped bass, aka rockfish, and their test-tube cousins, hybrid bass, will be moving into shallower water in search of prey.

    Learn how to tell what deer are communicating with body movements and you’ll have more hunting success.

    From using the latest technology in optics, attractants and calls to different hunting strategies in the woods, deer hunters are always looking for something that helps them gain an advantage over their quarry. 

    Stephanie Ford of Raleigh, N.C., welcomed in archery season by killing this Wake County trophy with a crossbow on her second trip into the woods.