• October 2017 - Volume 24, Number 10


    Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion show off their best side as keeper season for striped bass cranks up.

    The revived striped bass fishery on the Santee Cooper lakes is no secret; many anglers throughout the Carolinas have heard about the strong recovery.

    Abundance of food brings trout fishing in both Carolinas to the forefront this month. Here are some tips to get the most out of your fishing trips.

    Summer is finally over and the fabulous fall fishing season is here. And while October brings on excellent chances to lure a big buck into range in the woods, a similar inshore coastal showdown shouldn’t be missed. Speckled trout are the prime targets in saltwater circles.

    Attract the females, don’t bother them, and you’ll be awash in bucks when the rut approaches, according to one Carolina deer expert.

    As October arrives, breeding behavior kicks off in whitetail country, and hunters can expect bucks to move to a fall pattern, in which the habits of their slick-headed companions will make a huge impact on their daily drive. 

    When is the peak of the whitetail deer breeding season across the Carolinas? Well, that depends on where you are and, to some extent, what’s going on, but here are biologists’ best guesses.

    The rut, the peak of whitetail breeding, is the most eagerly awaited portion of deer season for a very good reason: big bucks are on the move. The reproductive urge in high gear means deer move literally around the clock.

    With the attention of plenty of Carolina anglers diverted to other pursuits, now is the time to catch some slabs. Here are some places to try.

    Almost every angler who has ever set the hook on a crappie looks forward to the spring, when fish move en masse to the shallows for the annual ritual of reproduction. They stake out spawning locations, and anything that resembles something to eat will often get nailed by a slab, either on the nest or moving between the closest creek channel and the shallows.

    Oak Island’s nearshore bull reds and king mackerel give kayak-bound anglers a chance to shine in October.

    The nearshore ocean off North Carolina’s Oak Island has attracted fish and fishermen for decades. It is one of only a few south-facing beaches along the coast of the Carolinas, and the unique westerly flow of water running out the Cape Fear River carries bait down the beach for a ways instead of sweeping it to the north like at most other inlets. This unique movement of water holds a variety of baitfish along the beaches, and big fish move in to enjoy the buffet.

    Are you a minimalist or a pack mule? Either way, you need to consider including these items in your arsenal this season.

    Deer hunting has not been immune from advances in technology and tactics. Hunters run the gamut from bringing nothing more than a weapon and a pair of boots to an organized pack that contains everything but the kitchen sink.

    Steve Rodger welcomed in the 2017-18 deer season in South Carolina’s Lowcountry by busting this huge buck on opening day.