• January 2011 - Volume 18, Number 1


    The Neuse River lowlands are becoming a hotspot for feral hogs.

    Freddie Stancil and his grandson, Jared Raynor, paused to point out an area where hogs had been rooting for grubs and acorns. Seeing a hog from a nearby stand, they said, would be as close to guaranteed as anything in hunting, but that it might be almost dark before one showed up.

    Two major techniques will help you catch your share of crappie this winter at Lake Wylie.

    Crappie fishing at Lake Wylie during the winter usually gets off to a slow start, with fishermen waiting for that warm spell that usually shows up in February to get things stirred up.

    Think murky and shallow, and you’re halfway to figuring out crappie on this upstate reservoir.

    South Carolina is home to a variety of lakes, rivers and impoundments that hold abundant numbers of crappie. While a debate over the best crappie hotspots could rage on for hours, only a very small number of people would put Lake Keowee at the top of their list.

    Kayaks get waterfowl hunters into productive spots others can’t reach.

    Andy Stevenson borrowed a kayak back in the mid-1980s to hunt waterfowl on a unique Carolina Bay on his family’s farm near Allendale and Fairfax.

    Pay attention to cover, camo and decoy spreads when targeting eastern North Carolina waterfowl.

    Growing up in eastern North Carolina can have a profound effect upon a young outdoorsman. The culture and heritage that’s passed along, combined with the ample experience of seeing and experiencing the area’s wildlife help shape and mold lives.

    Protected Bald Head Island creeks offer great winter fishing.

    Late last January, the North Carolina coast was in the throes of the coldest winter of the decade. Quick temperature drops had already triggered trout kills, and the water temperature in the Cape Fear River had plunged into the high 30s.

    Real ‘Down East’ fishing awaits year-round at these 10 spots.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Over the next year, North Carolina Sportsman’s Saltwater Series will give readers GPS coordinates to hotspots along the coast.

    Unknown or ignored, this is a great spot for winter action a short drive from Charleston.

    Rawling Pratt-Thomas grew up fishing the Wadmalaw/Bohicket area south of Charleston, but it wasn’t until he was several years into a career as a fishing guide that he realized what he had.

    Cold weather brings Beaufort River redfish into clear, shallow water for unique opportunities.

    Many anglers park their boats in the winter and retreat indoors, missing out on some of the most exciting fishing of the year. The landings are not crowded, water clarity is as good as it gets, and the reds are schooling in big numbers.

    ‘Beagle music’ is sweet to the ears of plenty of South Carolina hunters once rabbit season cranks up.

    The “Hallelujah Chorus” was in high gear as Br’er Rabbit darted through the tangle of honeysuckles and briars. The dogs had the volume turned up high, and it had been a long race.

    Harold Langdon trains some of the top rabbit dogs in North Carolina; what he’s learned will make you a better hunter.

    One day last January, Harold Langdon sat on a stump last January inside a cutover that was part of a large deer lease.

    Try these tips for making winter trips successful.

    It was the middle of January, and most anglers had put away their fishing gear and were stuck watching outdoor shows on TV, tinkering in the basement or going shopping with the wife.

    The catch-and-release striper fishery in the lower Cape Fear River is improving by leaps and bounds.

    Throughout the chilly winter months, downtown Wilmington along the Cape Fear River harbors more than just a retired battleship and a dozen 1,000-foot container ships.

    If you're the type who doesn't want to just sit all day in front of the fire, there are fish to be caught this month.